Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Countdown is On!

There are only 5 1/2 short weeks left until our rainbow is born!!

I say short, trying to convince myself that carrying these extra 30 lbs around with an aching back and a testy 2 1/2 year old, will go quickly :)

Despite some of the daily struggles of pregnancy, (getting out of bed, trying to cut your toe nails, washing dishes, climbing steps, finding clothes to fit, constantly having to pee, etc...) the 3rd time around has not been too bad.  I really doubted how my body would do this time, after having such horrible sciatic pain with Jordan.  I guess my body has become accustom to being pregnant. After all, in the past 4 years I have been pregnant 3 times!  By the time our rainbow appears, I could say I have 3 kids under 3 years old.

Brady calls this shirt my "tent"
Lately, I have had high anxiety. I know what good and what bad can happen with babies and pregnancy.  I have been praying for God to ease my anxieties and that is just what He is doing.  The signs have not gone unnoticed.

One particular sign appeared the other day.  I randomly got out the Honda Odyssey booklet we obtained a few months back.  I was paging through it with hopes that a mini van will be in my not so distant future.  (Look out soccer moms! Minus the stick figures on my back window) As I flipped through, I came upon a page that pictures not only the stunning Honda Odyssey, but also a rainbow, a butterfly, and 2 fawns (new life).  I stopped and smiled, taking in the beauty and meaning this page offered me.

In addition to the random signs of hope, my sister Katelyn created an amazing prayer calendar.   It began on week 20 with thoughts, prayers, and quotes that my friends and family submitted for me.

Katelyn is a very talented graphic artist. She created a beautiful rainbow and butterfly filled flip calendar that I seriously thought was store bought.

I get excited to flip the calendar to the next page week after week to read the touching words people have put together for me.  This also serves as a nice little countdown as well.  The calendar alone has kept my spirits and hope high!

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  1. Yay! So excited for you! Sending the best, everyday!!

    Angie :)