Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The "interesting" Twos

Before Brady even turned 2, I thought I was in for it.  NO was his favorite word for several weeks, using it to answer every question!  Taking him shopping has opened the door for a new challenge as well.  Putting him in a shopping cart is no longer acceptable to a 2 year old so now he either walks or if we are lucky there is a cart with an attached car available.  Kudos to whoever invented those!

Walking through a store starts out good, but quickly turns into Brady pushing the limits, taking items off the shelves or refusing to follow me.   I am lucky if we get out of the store without something we don't need or a smile on my face.

Brady has only been 2 for two weeks and since the actual turning of 2, he has been a real sweetheart.   Two has been fun so far, but I'm sure it will also come with its own challenges.   I am excited to watch him grow and learn at this very interesting stage!

Now that we have moved closer to family and old friends, Brady has had the chance to spend a lot of time with his cousin Kamryn, Aunt Kate (my sister), and Uncle Jer.  Brady and Kamryn get along well and enjoy playing together.

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